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Jordyn Jones Nation-Alist Magazine Cover Feature January 2017 Issue


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“Let’s Get Social” – Nation-Alist



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Nation-Alist is the only guide you need to the best of fashion, beauty, health tips, travel and celebrity interviews. All focused on and around America.









Jordyn Jones covers the January issue. It’a winter wonderland and every shot feel like luxe. With a bold lip that can go from day to night. The photographer captures Jordyn’s personality and beauty in every shot. IG @photosbyJJS








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Cover: Feature



Fashion Editor: Jazmin Whitley
Hair: Allie Ellis
Makeup: Natalie Malchev
Wardrobe Stylist: Marni Seabright



Twitter: @JJJordynJones | Instagram: @JordynJones
YouTube: Jordyn Jones | Facebook: Jordyn Jones
Snapchat: jordynjones11 | jordynjones

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Jordyn Jones Nation-Alist Magazine Cover Feature January 2017 Issue was originally published on Jordyn Jones


Jordyn Jones VENTS Magazine Cover Feature

Jordyn Jones VENTS Magazine Cover Feature


READ FULL: VENTS Magazine 54th issue


VENTS Magazine: Some people are just born with motion. Jordyn can you recall when you began dancing?
Jordyn Jones: I began dancing as soon as I could walk. My mom owned dance studios in Michigan and taught me to dance very early on.

VENTS Magazine: It takes a certain kind of person to begin a passion at a young age and keep that flame burning brightly. What do you do to keep the spark?
Jordyn Jones: Dance is a part of my heart and soul. I try to incorporate dance and movement in everything I do in life, especially now in music.

VENTS Magazine: Do you have friends your own age? What is it they like to do?
Jordyn Jones: I have friends of all ages. My go-to girls are Brooke, Lily, Jada, Joya, Lexi and Stevie. I know I can count on them to have my back and they know I’m always there for them. We love to shop, have sleepovers, dance and make silly videos together.

VENTS Magazine: Do you ever stop and think… wow I am not the typical kid here in America…
Jordyn Jones: I am very lucky to have had all the opportunities in my life, and I’m grateful for that. Besides performing constantly and working in entertainment, I’m a pretty normal kid. I like sleepovers, hanging out with friends, and watching YouTube videos all day.

VENTS Magazine: How do you fit in other aspects of your life?
Jordyn Jones: When I’m not on set, in rehearsal, at vocal lessons, or at a photoshoot, I love to spend time with my friends because I barely see them when I’m working. I’m also homeschooled, so my tutor Danielle Maas helps me concentrate on my schools a few days a week.

VENTS Magazine: Do you ever think about your ‘firsts?’ What they will be like: first date, first car, first kiss?
Jordyn Jones: I spend a lot of time thinking about what my first car is going to be like, right after I finish my drivers education. I can’t wait to be on the road. As for my first others, well I have a lot of time to experience those and with the right person who gets me and understands my busy schedule.

VENTS Magazine: Do you have a favorite form of dance?
Jordyn Jones: Definitely Hip Hop! I was kind of a ballet rebel but the second I discovered hip hip, it was pretty much over. My first hip hop solo was by Alvin Ramirez from Chicago. There was no turning back after that.

VENTS Magazine: When you work out- is there a particular routine or set that you go through?
Jordyn Jones: Right now I get on the treadmill everyday and go thorough my entire on-stage set so that I can breathe while singing and dancing. being able to balance the two is the hardest part of giving a great performance. I do sit ups for core training and I stretch everyday to maintain my flexibility.

VENTS Magazine: How do you think your passion for dance, rap, hip-hop has helped you?
Jordyn Jones: It has 1000% helped me to become the confident person I am today. I feel like there is nothing I can’t do if I put my mind to it.

VENTS Magazine: Do you feel what you do can possibly help other young people like yourself find their passion?
Jordyn Jones: Absolutely. I had a dream and I am slowly but surely making them come true. You can do anything if you believe in yourself. I try to interact with my fans a lot and tell them to always go for it!

VENTS Magazine: With proper instruction can anyone dance or are there really people like me with two left feet that can’t even walk across a room without tripping on air?
Jordyn Jones: Dance is about how you feel when you are dancing. There is no right or wrong when you are having fun.

VENTS Magazine: Do you write and choreograph your own music?
Jordyn Jones: I haven’t written anything YET! I’m keeping notes and taking it all in from the amazing songwriters around me. As far as my music videos, no I haven’t choreographed any of them. I always hire the best of the best in the dance world to handle that, people I have loved and admired my entire life. Someday I hope to be able to slow down long enough to write my own lyrics but for now I am more than happy with the people that are writing for me.

VENTS Magazine: When opened for Demi Lovato back in July- Did you get the chance to actually meet Demi and hang out a bit? hat was that like?
Jordyn Jones: I didn’t get a chance to meet Demi because I was in the front watching her perform on stage! She killed it.

VENTS Magazine: How was it working with Josh Levi?
Jordyn Jones: Josh is an amazing vocalist and he actually wrote the last part of our song. He is so talented and fun to be around. We had worked together previously on the Old Navy ”Unlimited” song and video and it was amazing to work with him again.

VENTS Magazine: What were some of your fondest moments creating with him?
Jordyn Jones: The entire day of the music video shoot in New York was incredibly hectic! We shot over 5 locations so it was like a mission trying to to get from one place to the next. I would always try to make Josh laugh during our takes and he would try to make Josh laugh during our takes and he would try not to break. I got him good a few times though.

VENTS Magazine: We are in the New Year now Jordyn. Tell me are you a New Year goal setter, or are goals something that come when needed and adjusted along the way?
Jordyn Jones: I really don’t set professional goals because if something doesn’t work out then I have no need to stress. I am grateful for every opportunity and I expect nothing. I do work really hard and am appreciative of the extra things that come out of working hard. I do, however, set personal goals like places I would love to visit or charities I would like to help.

VENTS Magazine:
Give your fans a little insight into just you

Favorite Colour: White like my nails (always).

Dessert: Crepes.

Singer: Beyonce, Alissia Caro, 5th Harmony.

Book: Fault in our stars.

Movie: Maze Runner.

Hobby (ies): Dancing, shopping, eating.

Animals (pets or otherwise): I have 4 dogs, Sasha, Simba, Nahla, and Bentley. You can see Bentley and Simba in my Peta2 campaign from earlier this year.

Clothing designer: Aso, Madison James, Brandy Melville, Adidas, Nike.

Accessory to Wear: My Celine bag, if that counts an an accessory.

How do you feel about honesty: It is the end all, be all.

Do nothing day activity: YouTube videos all day.

Shoes: Christian Louboutin.

School subject: History.

Political Views: None except for World Peace.

and last but never least… pet peeves? None yet, I’ll keep you posted.

VENTS Magazine Interview by Song River


Photographer: Ben Miller / Krissy Saleh
Hair: Hailley Adickes
Makeup: Ashley Donovan
Styling: Franzy Staedter


READ FULL: VENTS Magazine 54th issue

VENTS Magazine

Jordyn Jones:
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Jordyn Jones 2015 BELLO Magazine Beauty Issue

Photos by WILLIAM CALLAN | BELLO Magazine

Jordyn Jones BELLO Magazine

Jordyn Jones in the cover of the BELLO Magazine 2015 October Beauty Issue.

Jordyn talks about upcoming projects, new music, and movies!


BELLO Mag: What was your experience like on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition?

Jordyn Jones: My experience on the first season of “AUDC” was really exciting. I loved meeting Abby and all of the other contestants, I’m still friends with some of them. I loved doing all of the ‘challenges’ and getting the opportunity to work with so many different choreographers.

BM: Would you ever compete in a talent show again?

JJ: I actually don’t think I would ever do a reality show competition again. It made sense for me at that time in my life but I have a career now that I need to focus on.

BM: Your cover of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” was such a huge success! Aside from Iggy, who is your dream artist to collaborate with?

JJ: I would love to collaborate with Fifth Harmony, Becky G, Taylor Swift or my new obsession Alessia Cara!

BM: You’re very active on social media with Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. What is your favorite platform to connect with your fans?

JJ: My favorite platform is Instagram, which is also where I hold “Talk with Jordyn Tuesday” where I try to answer questions for my fans. Twitter is also fun because I can say whatever is on my mind and get instant feedback from my followers.

BM: What has been your most career-defining moment to date?

JJ: Probably when I did a cover to Sharaya J’s “Banji.” The music video went viral and my career snowballed from there.

BM: You’ve mentioned you’re a big fan of “Scream Queens.” Would you ever want to make a cameo appearance on the show?

JJ: Absolutely!

BM: Describe to me what role you would want to play on the show?

JJ: I would love to be in a flashback scene where I would play a younger Chanel No. 1.

BM: Can you tell your fans about any upcoming projects you are working on?

JJ: I recently shot a role in the new AwesomenessTV feature film called “Dance Camp” where they also used my original song “I’m Dappin.” I also filmed another movie this summer called “InstaFamous.” I am constantly in the studio recording new music and also planning some more videos, particularly a song with Josh Levi, which I am going to release right before Christmas. We just shot a pilot for a dance tutorial series for AwesomenessTV and there is another music series in the works. My photoshoot with Madison James that I did with Hayes Grier will also be released soon!

2015 October BELLO Magazine Beauty Issue:


Instagram by @JordynJones
“loved shooting for the cover of @bellomag 💋”

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Jordyn Jones 2015 BELLO Magazine Beauty Issue

Photographer: William Callan | Stylist: Johnny Wujek | Makeup: Nicole Walmsley | Hair: Maureen Burke



Jordyn Jones:
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